[Follow-Up] Verizon's 'Share Everything Plan' Overload; Reactions from Around the Web

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    Obviously, the big news of yesterday, (and probably the next couple of days), was/is Verizon's shakeup of the mobile landscape's pricing structure... their new "Share Everything" call/data plans. In some cases, reactions have been a little bit mixed, because a small few families will actually save money on these new plans. For the most part, reactions have been overtly negative. The dirty bomb that Verizon dropped on users could easily be compared to what Netflix did to their customer's a few months ago.

    For well over a year now, Verizon has been teasing us with the premise of these Family Data plans with the hint that they may save families some money. In many cases, that is true. For some couples and families, switching to one of these tiered data plans will save them a little bit of money; however, when you dig deeper into the math, it seems that a whole lot more people (including some families) will actually end up paying more than they were before. People are so frustrated, some have even been accusing Verizon of "price gouging", although that is difficult to quantify.

    Regardless of whether you are one of the lucky few that can benefit from these new plans, or count yourself amongst the throng of the downtrodden, we thought it might be worthwhile to share some reactions from across the web to Verizon's newest stinky. Below is a list of articles around the web that show some of these reactions. Incidentally, one of our members, Jmoore1701, had the same idea we did, and already got the ball rolling on this idea in the droid general discussions news section. (Thanks for the legwork, Jmoore1701! Also, nice journalistic instincts!)

    Welcome to Forbes

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    Verizon's new shared data plans are great for smartphone users, less so for feature phone owners

    TIME - Techland:
    Verizon’s New ‘Share Everything’ Plans: Good Deal or Total Ripoff? | Techland | TIME.com

    The Verge:
    Everyone's reaction to Verizon's 'Share Everything' plan campaign. | The Verge Forums

    This last one is just priceless! It isn't a story, but is instead just a hilarious animated gif.

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