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Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Technical' started by piratesscareme, Aug 18, 2011.

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    As always, Make backups before you try this! I am not responsible for any damage.

    Hello, I noticed that after installing the android market by the instruction on this website I still could not find or update many apps. This really frustrated me. So I began a many google searches. I stumbled upon a post over on XDA that was a list of instructions for the gtablet and tried them out. What do you know? It worked. Here is the post I found and if you follow it exactly it should work for you too. Working Market fix (tested on TnT Lite, should work elsewhere) - xda-developers In some other posts I found it mentioned changing the build.prop. Do not do that! I did not do it and I can still access all apps on the market. Ok maybe not all as I have not tested everything. But I have searched for apps that I couldn't download before and I can download them now. A couple of examples are titanium backup, Which when downloaded straight from the market runs much faster. and another is adw launcher. I did have to restart my tablet twice to finish. For some reason after the first restart I was still recieving the market error. The second time I browsed the internet for a couple of seconds first to make sure I had wifi connectivity. I hope this helps someone. I think this possibly will work for other devices also.

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