GET CRAZY - want to solder GPS receiver onto FR-809 SoC

Discussion in 'APAD IMX515' started by Igoritza, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Im doing some smuggling business in my country, Android tablets are very popular, and I get good price difference when buying in China and selling in my country.

    First time - I bought FT2 (Superpad, Infotmicx220) and 2 units were faulty.

    second time - I bought FR-809's and one unit was broken.

    so, I was trying to fix it on my own, and opened the unit (no screws version, dual speaker) and it was bad soldering. the battery/SoC connection was off, so I fixed it.

    now the tablet works, but I already sold all other units, so I want to experiment.

    One of my broken Superpads is with internal GPS receiver, no need for GPS Antenna. so, Idea struck me - could it be possible to solder GPS unit onto the Freescale SoC .. ?

    Android would handle the reception, it's all there, I just need to figure out if it's possible, and if there is even an option to solder GPS receiver onto SoC ?

    that internal receiver from Superpad is awesome, and it would be awesome if I could have GPS on my FR-809 tablet.

    anyone with technical knowledge .. ?

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