Is this a fix for possibly corrupted Craig factory ROM?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by Brickster, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Craig CLP281a
    I previously posted this issue to the ICS forum, but have not gotten a response so I hope to have better luck here.
    I recently bought a Craig CLP 281a netbook with ICS, and the factory’s apps seem to work properly- with the exception of one I really wanted on a netbook: Smart Office (1.9.2). On launch, this app displays “chathu_ac Presents” at the bottom of the screen, above a narrow broken colored strip. After a few moments it reverts to the previous screen. This happens whether online or off, and with or without SD inserted.
    My gut feel is that the factory firmware load is corrupted, and Craig tech support wants me to do an “update” using the file(s) from the page linked to their CLP 281a product’s page.
    Their “Installation Guide” links to a “Page Not Found” , and Craig support refers me to instructions for updating with 2.2 ! Even if I might correctly perform the “update” procedure, I don’t know that my firmware wouldn’t afterward contain the exact same flaw / corruption It has now, and I’m hesitant to do anything risky if I didn’t know it would truly fix the problem.
    With Explorer I just discovered a “2.apk” of 7.75M listed under Internal Memory with a Smart Office logo. When clicked, it generates a “Replace Application” message”: “This is a system application. Do you still want to replace it? All previous user data will be saved.” Sounds like a possible included fix for the original flawed app, but I don’t want to brick the unit just to find out.
    Hoping someone out there has some astute comments, as I‘m holding off loading any more apps that would just get wiped by an update.

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