Google Must Delay the Nexus Q, but Customers Who Pre-Ordered Will get it Free!

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    Here's a bit of news from last night that we didn't quite get to yesterday. Apparently, Google has decided to put the Nexus Q Media-Hub Globe on hold in order to implement some new and improved features. Obviously, this could potentially make a ton of folks who pre-ordered the device a bit angry, but Google has them covered in a big way. Google boldly shared that anyone who pre-ordered the device will be receiving the newly updated version for FREE! This is unprecedented in consumer electronics. I've been in this industry a long time, and I have seen some crazy things to keep customer's happy, but never have I seen a company just give their stuff away. Here's a copy of Google's email to pre-order customers,

    What's especially cool about this is the reason why they are delaying the device. Apparently, Google listened to all the feedback about the small feature-set and limited capabilities of the device, and they are taking it back to the engineers in order to make it do more stuff! They didn't specify what new features they will be adding, but it will be exciting to see the final result, especially for folks who preordered it.

    Thanks for the tip, Zane_Grey!

    Source: Wired

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