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Discussion in 'Nook' started by ExtremeRyno, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Since Google Play updated onto my NC, I've had a lot of my downloads from GetJar showing up in my list as "Purchased." I thought that was pretty awesome because now I can update TuneIn Radio Pro, Sentinel 3, and a couple others I enjoy but haven't been updated from GetJar. Not so, obviously, but I didn't want them on my list. I come home from work and I have a bunch of notifications about failed installs, and while it doesn't effect me, I'm anal like that. Doesn't really happen from the sideloaded apps I download from GoodEReader, however.

    So I sent a support message to Google and got a canned response about NookColor not being a supported device and that was a known issue with unsupported devices, blah, blah, blah. So I've searched around for a fix. While I can't get a apps to show up on Play to be updated, I am now able to purchase them so I can get updates...I guess that's kind of lame, but TuneIn Radio, Sentinel 3, and Sleepy Time were well worth the money. While I appreciate GetJar, I do kind of like having apps that get bug fixes.

    You just need to right click the button and choose "Inspect Element" and find a tag that says something purchased="true" and change it to "false". Then click the button again and you can buy the app.

    Found on [FIX/ HOW-TO] Detach App from Market to Enable Purchase - xda-developers

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