Google's Project Glass Shows Up on the Runway of a New York Fashion Show

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    Here's a story that isn't directly Android related, yet, but we know you guys like to keep up with the current tech advancements that Google is cooking up. Sergey Brin must have been in heaven on the day of these pics. As you can see above, his new Project Glass/Google Goggles were featured during on a runway walk during the DVF New York Fashion show. Mr. Brin himself also appeared on the catwalk with his creation during the show. The marketing cross-over is designed to show that Project Glass isn't just useful, it also looks pretty cool too. Here's the press release,

    There are some more pics of runway models with Google Goggles at the source link below. The glasses, models and their outfits look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, like Logan's Run, yet not in an overt and cheesy way. They did a great job of showing how technology and fashion might be able to start merging a bit. Share your thoughts.

    Source: PhoneArena

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