Google Glass Hackathon Later This Month in New York; Devs Will Receive Units On Site

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    If you were one of the devs who forked over $1500 to Google to get a first shot at Google Glasses, aka Project Glass, then you likely already received an email telling you this info; however, the rest of us will just get to marvel wide-eyed with envy as your first opportunity to nab the device has arrived. Google just sent out the following email to developers detailing a two-day "hackathon" in New York January 28 and 29. Devs who attend the event will receive units on site to use. Here's the email contents,

    We are excited to find out how things go. Sound off if you are one of the lucky devs who will attend this event!

    The video above is just the last Google Glass Project Update and we thought it would be fitting to share it.
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