GTalk suddenly crashes!

Discussion in 'Lenovo IdeaPad A1' started by eclecticamol, May 29, 2012.

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    Lenovo Ideapad A1 07
    Ok....i was trying to work on my Lenovo ideapad A1 7 tablet.......the battery was about 35% and I logged in talk.....Gtalk basically......
    and........yeah thats hung....I had to plug in the charger for powering it up again.
    When it booted up, it flashed a message saying "......Google Services Framework has stopped unexpectedly....". The app never starts up again, until the battery reaches about 90% it power level.( Well only an observation; not co-relating). Earlier to it's start, I had to go the Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All (tab)>Google Services Framework> clear data.
    Well apart from all this, there are other problems. Like Skype video upside down, unexpected restart at low battery & many discussed in this forum (s).
    Wonder why Lenovo is not providing an update???.
    Anyone with a solution or facing similar if not same problems???

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