HaiPad: Brand Confusion on the way!

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    A number of us here at AndroidTablet.Net are familiar with and/or own a "Haipad" tablet. It is manufactured and sold by Shenzhen Haina Digital Technology Co., Ltd. of China. If you're looking for hacks, specs, or sellers you can Google that and find stuff about this brand of tablets all over the place.

    But in the near future you'll probably just find a ton of confusion!

    Why? Well Haier, a Chinesee appliance company some of you may have heard of since they sell a number of products in the United States and Canada as well (and once made an unsuccessful bid to buy Maytag). They are getting into the Android tablet business with a new product line called - wait for it - "HaiPad"!

    They're not entirely new to the consumer electronics biz - they presently sell a couple different portable media players, LCD televisions and iPhone/iPod docks. At CES they recently unveiled some internet-connected TVs. The upcoming "HaiPad" tablet is apparently a rebadged tablet manufactured by Quanta (an electronics component supplier to just about every OEM computer brand you can think of).

    No word yet on if this tablet will be sold by the North American division of the company, but the "Haier HaiPad" will no doubt cause a great deal of confusion with the existing "Haina Haipad" when it comes to finding hacks, firmware, etc.

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