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    I'm in the market for a tablet and thinking about getting the Asus Transformer, but I've been looking at the IPad2 (I know,I know), the Galaxy 10.1 and the Asus Transformer with the keyboard attachments.

    The reason I'm so conflicted is because I want to use the tablet for not only pleasure and socializing, but also college and work, work is just emails and such minor excel/word editing or viewing, but I do need a amazing email application.

    For college I need something to take great notes with hence the keyboard, but I want it to be fast, I have heard issues with the galaxy having a lag issue with typing, I can't afford that cause my typing as it is, is horrible, and lastly I want to have the ability to store information move information from and to the tab.

    Any help, recommendations, opinions would be greatly appreciated. As of right now I am leaning more towards the Asus Transformer 32GB with the keyboard attachment.
    I do apologize ahead of time, I know some of the answers if not all are probably on the forum, as I continue to read more of the posts.
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