HELP! Asus TF 101 doesn't totally work/open at all!

Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by FatimaGJ_Molina, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Asus TF 101
    Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased an ASUS Tablet TF 101 (just last September). Suddenly, when I opened it, it just keeps on showing the ASUS logo and not load at all. I already went to the service center and was advised for it to be reformatted (they said it is not part of the warranty and was asked to pay around 40$). Then, after some hours upon its claim, it wouldn't load again and the ASUS logo just keeps on flashing. What am I to do now? I'm thinking twice of returning in the service center since I don't know if they're really fixing it or what. Is there a way for me to reformat it on my own? I also wrote to the customer service but got no reply yet. I really hope you can help me! =) Thank you so much!

    Fatima Molina :)

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