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    Hi people .

    A few days ago i was installing a new firmware to my tablet but something weird ocurred and according to what i saw is very common.

    Suddenly , it doesnt work anymore. When i turn it on the led green light turns on but the screen remains in black like if i didnt turned it on.

    I tryed to installing like 8 diferent firmwares , but it dont matter how many times i try it , it doesnt work , i dont see the firmware installing process.

    I dont know what to do , and im tired trying with another firmware .

    Can you give me the correct one please or show me what to do? Is almost new :S

    Is this one : $IMG00071.jpg $IMG00072.jpg $IMG00073.jpg

    WM 8650 7"
    256 MB RAM
    2 GB
    Green LED on working , Red on charging.
    and i dont know what else can i say to you.

    Please help!

    Waiting 4 answer!

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