[HELP] Missing PDA and CSC on my GTAB P1000 + Unable to Root

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab' started by cuentil, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Jul 28, 2011
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    First of all, I've tried to search first but comes with no suitable answer..
    My problem is..
    I have a GT-P1000 with XSE csc code before.
    So since I've been waiting so long for Gingerbread updates, I've come through an update from Italy. So I grabbed that right away. :D
    The last 1 month has been ok, but since there is an update for my country specific, I want to use that update instead.
    ...long story short...
    I tried to flash back to my older Froyo ROM which is P1000DXJK2
    Grabbed both the pit and tar and voila, my SGT is back to froyo :eek:
    I then tried to connect it to Kies but it can't see any firmwares update (heck it can't even see my SGT firmware now)
    I tried *#1234# and found out that there is nothing on PDA and CSC :(
    The SGT is working OK, but I still want the specific update for my country..
    So my questions are..
    1. Where should I find CSC files or PDA files suitable for my Froyo OS? So that KIES able to recognize it and download the GingerBread update?
    2. I also want to update to P1000DXJPE but from my latest experience downgrading from XXJQ1 to P1000DXJK2 .. I was a little bit affraid :(

    Notes: since that I unable to root my GTAB :(

    Any helps will be appreciated. And if someone already has questioned this before, please, point me toward the thread.. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention when searching before. :)

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