Help Rooting Linsay Cosmos F-7HD

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    Hi All,
    I bought a Linsay Cosmos F-7HD from Sears $99.00 to play around with. It is Google Certified with Google Play-Android 4.1.1-2.0Mhz Cortex A9 and 512m has 4G flash but only 1.98G available-micro sd slot to 64G. It is really a good and quick tablet for the money.

    Problem that I'm having is tablet connects up USB with no problem, can see both internak and micro sdcard in Windows 7. Can transfer files to or from with no problem. adb devices does not detect device and usb debugging is checked, no matter what usb drivers I use or usb slots i use(3 computers)adb does not detect it.

    I can boot to recovery with Volume+ and Power buttons, to android down. adb then detects my device as in recovery mode with no problem. I can not get any menu while in recovery before hooking up usb. I can not get into fastboot mod, also adb reboot will only power device off.
    Any suggetions or links would be great. This tablet is fairly new and not a lot of info. Would also like to do a backup before rooting if I could.
    Mainly I would like to root so as to mod the vold.fstab file, need to switch internal and external.
    Thanks.:confused: :confused:

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