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    Tablet 7" android 1.6
    Good afternoon everyone, I need your help to identify my brickedMID tablet ...

    The tablet is all black, there is nothing written on it, when green LED is on and LED is red when charging, the processor isWM8505 +, it was the old firmware Android 1.6 - WMT2.1.2_88, the headset connector is black .
    The motherboard is green and is written WMS8088F V.2

    He has an adapter gray, with a network input and two USB inputs.In the box that says only the name of MID and also the green robot.

    I've tried 86 different firmwares. Only two worked, but withoutsound, wireless and touch screen.

    The two were:
    M001_Android 2.0_Model 2.rar

    If necessary I will put pictures of the tablet for you here.

    I thank you all for your help.

    (sorry for bad English, is that I'm Brazilian) :p

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