help with bluetooth please

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    ok im new with this whole tablet game

    i just linked my two tabs together and to my phone using Bluetooth

    but i have no clue of what it does or can do

    what kind of stuff can be done now with all three connected

    my phone is a track phone no bells just plain phone

    also any tips ideas im new to this and trying to learn

    my tablet is just apps medical records etc not into games i use i heart and a police scanner program most of the rest is task apps

    anyone know good reliable free apps my dad caught me up some and im understanding it to be like ebay ratings (stars) and reviews to find good ones

    i also like gps i have outdated 10 or so year old tom tom

    but no gps has back roads i travail to other states i like back roads see the country side the trees changing etc and no traffic but no gps out has this

    my tom tom just says avoid highways thats useless most of my roads are rout this or that

    thanks and sorry for not searching for some of these i have learning disorders that make searches hard and arthritis

    so forgive my horrible posting skills and pestering you with so many questions

    thanks so very much for your help and all the info

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