hey all what was i thinkin buying this zt180

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    Dx and cheap china clone
    HI. Really like the forum here, lotta direct answers. Thanks peeps for the read and all answers given in advanced.
    ok, so i bought a zeni 180 epad from china, which i have a lot(and as i have read so do others ) issues with. i also have a droid x (rooted with gbread) and a samsung(abandoned)moment rooted with cy rom.Im a noob, but addicted to android and need a twelve stepprogram. My question is that from what i read to update my zt180, i must
    obtain a burntool
    follow the listed instructions
    I have read about the battery bug fix and various other fixes, the only thing i use my epad for is a book reader and picture frame/music player (waiting to invest in a good one for gaming, ect) but i cannot find a good link for the burntool. everyone is either not found or does not exist...can anyone give me a direct link(mods sorry if this is against rules) or pm me to a direct link?:cool:

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