Hey everyone... Getting a Coby, but might trade of Sylvania

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Which is better?

  1. Sylvania 7' tablet

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  2. Coby 7' tablet (7005 and 7015)

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    Coby MID7015

    I am new to this forum, not new to Android or Linux. I have been using Linux for 10+ years at home. I eventually replaced all my Windows machines with Linux except one of my laptops. I usually virtualize windows with VirtualBox when I need it.

    I have a Motorola Backflip with Android 2.1. I am an official BETA tester for Motorola. I was on the BETA test team converting the Backflip from Android 1.5 to 2.1. I work as a RedHat Linux systems administrator and I also develop software on Linux and Windows as a career. I work for a large computer company.

    I am here to participate in the exciting world of Android.

    I have ordered a Coby, I am going to put it to the test when I get it. My friend has ordered a Sylvania. Since he only wants to use his for movies, and I am looking at replacing my laptop I use on busniess trips, he said he would be more than happy to trade if I want.

    So I am here to find out answers on both. Which one is supported better and which one will go to Android 2.2 quicker, if they upgrade to 2.2 at all. I know the differences with the hardware on both by reading the specs, but I want to know from the owners how they both are.

    I look forward to sharing ideas, hacks and tips with everyone. Follow me on Twitter if you want http://twitter.com/airbornedude501
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