How can i connect my android tablet to the net using a wireless network on my laptop?

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    i got a dopo tablet the other day and i can not get it to connect to the internet. it has a android 2.3 os. i have tried setting up ad hoc networks like 10 times. some with wpa or wep some with no key needed. i downloaded the connectify software and nothing works. when it does see the network it tries to connect than it just disconnects. and most of the time it says it is out of range. i put in the key and ssid tons of times on both devices. restarted them turned wifi on and off. im almost certain it is just a simple setting i am missing. like i allowed internet sharing on the mobile network and it should be set on the wireless one. though i tried both. or it could be a service i stopped from starting up in the system config. i have a usb modem for the internet. could that effect something?

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