How to judge a tablet? What makes a tablet great?

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    How to judge a tablet? And what makes a tablet great? I think these two questions are the keys for persons who are ready to buy a tablet,
    because everyone wants to buy a cost-effective, high-quality and satisfactory item.
    Honestly speaking, certain sizes, operation system and designs that make themselves better suited to certain people.
    If you have a trip a lot then we suggest that a smaller screen tablet like 7 inch or 8 inch as they are much more portable.
    While there are many people who mainly used it for work or at home and under this circumstances the bigger screen the better!


    But I think the following should be taken into consideration when you are buying a tablet PC:
    1) The price
    2) The battery
    3) Apps store
    4) The screen
    5) RAM
    Those are and will always be the most important factors of your tablet pc so ensure to do your research before jumping into an expensive decision.
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