How to Root A1CS X220

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    A1CS X220
    Hello again,

    I am struggling to know how I root my A1CS X220 tablet. My computer lets me access the files on the SD card but not any files on my the tablets internal memory (including system files). The purpose of this is so I can install 2 apk's that will not install or copy, and I was told I need to root my device to do that. And I am not sure what software I need to download to make this possible.

    Any suggestions on how to root my tablet will be kindly appreciated,

    Kind regards

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    Purchased one of these (I think its one lol) the other day for $10 and it was not working. I managed to get it to start
    but it was plagued with probs!! Had to root it to even begin to tangle that mess :)

    I just did this very thing this morning and I used these urls to figure it out.

    1) [Root] gingerbreak.apk (easy root) - xda-developers

    2) [App] [26.04.2011][v1.2] GingerBreak APK (root for GingerBread) - xda-developers

    3) Need help rooting M009F

    Now if I can just figure how to make this thing run even better lol
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