How to set the Android Browser to load web pages in non-mobile format

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    I just came across a solution to an issue plauging many Android Tablet users; web pages loading in a low-featured mobile version instead of a full desktop-esque version. Some may know this, but I myself never did and I've seen many people complaining about this.

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to put such a thing, but I'll leave it here unless someone thinks otherwise.

    Anyway, to set webpages to always load in desktop format, open your browser. Then, open up the top-left corner menu and open up the settings. Next, open up the 'Advanced' tab, and scroll down to the section called 'User Agent String'.

    There should be 3 options - Tablet, Desktop, and Mobile-Phone. Select Desktop. And that's it! No other complications. All web pages should load in thier full, desktop editions.

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