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    If i share it wrong section then staff please moved it.This is my first visit here thats why i confused very where i share my problem

    I need a MP6 player.From this handheld player must have 2mega pixel camera,Can hear MP3,can play games,memory card can increased upto 4GB or 8GB,watching video,movie etc.

    My price is around $120.Not more.
    I have mobile and pc also but i need one handheld player that looks good but helped me take a photo and have many feature.For Wedding,Travel i need this player.But have no experiance which one i should buy.

    In this 120 dollar i don't know i can buy any brand player or not but i think i can buy china company player.I have mobile already but need this kind of player now.Most important is,This portable player i need only take a photo,record video from a wedding and travel and It will must keeping my jacket or Pant pocket.

    This forum is my last chance,if someone helped me.

    This website have 3 player and i want only one but i can't understand which one is good player and have good camera,WIFI,Speaker and memory card increased limit.Can anyone please suggest me which one have speaker,WIFI and i should buy which one?
    [URL="http://jxd.hk/about.asp?selectclassid=018001"]JinXing Digital CO.Ltd[/URL]
    I can't increased more dollar.Only 120 dollar is my limit.I think from this 120 dollar i can't even buy any laptop,tablet(Tablet with have attach keyboard like Mobile) or any good brand like sony,playstation handheld player.

    Suggest me please 3 JXD player which one i should buy?I can't understand there feature.I am newbie about it.

    And is there any good company laptop or tablet(Tablet with have attach keyboard like Mobile) have around $120?
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