Where Do I Download the Flash Player For My Device?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Traveller, May 14, 2013.

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    The following is a reprint of a June 29, 2012 article from PCMag.com by Chloe Albanesius titled "Adobe Drops Flash Player Support in Android 4.1"

    Despite Adobe removing the Flash Player from the Play Store, throughout androidtablets.net requests are made asking where the Play Store can be downloaded. Most of the answers lead to a third party site with an old version of the Player, but there's no need to go to a dodgy site and get it. Adobe understands that users will still want to use Flash Player and has made it available with all their other archived versions at Archived Flash Player versions.

    Please note the following: Flash Player will run on Android 4.1 devices and later but is not officially compatible with these versions of Android. At some point, the Flash Player will "break", likely because of a bug in the Player itself. If such a bug is found it will not be fixed. Users should look into alternatives, such as browsers with HTML5 support.
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