Ice Cream Sandwich Features Likely to be Detailed along with Samsung Nexus Oct. 18

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    According to this latest report from PhoneArena, all signs point to Samsung and Google announcing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the next Nexus device tomorrow, October 18th, at the AsiaD: AllThings Digital conference. Several features of the new ICS have been leaked or revealed and here is a compilation of some of them:
    • The aesthetics of the Android 4.0 OS have been changed to be more minimalist and to better differentiate from other operating systems, like iOS, etc.
    • Furthermore, a couple of icon features have been brought forward from Honeycomb, like the three virtual navigation buttons, and the visual multitasking.
    • ICS also iw working toward ending fragmentation and will become a single stop for both tablets and smartphones, with Google promising to release the source code.
    • Google has also promised regular updates and a unification of its update policy.
    • They will also introduce several Honeycomb-only features to phones including USB hub, that basically allows you to connect any peripheral device like keyboards and mice.
    • Google will release new APIs to devs, and will have some fancy new features like face recognition in the works.
    • Google Music has been altered, hinting at a potential Google suite of apps (Maps, Gmail, Latitude, etc.).
    Google is calling this their “most ambitious release to date.” It's so close now you can almost start holding your breath! (Not really... don't want any of you folks passing out, unless its from excitement.) The above video is a repost of the Google ICS statue arrival. It seemed appropriate...

    Source: via PhoneArena
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    Good, very good.

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