Internal SD won't mount and USB Mass Storage don't work either.

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    I have a COBY MID 7048 tablet,in this tablet the internal memory of 4GB is particioned in 2 , one part as "internal storage" and the other one as "sdcard", the sd that i put is recognized as "external sd" , when usb mode was active in the pc 2 disk appear, the two SD, everything was working just fine until conect the usb to the pc but this time just the external SD appear, i disconnected the usb as always but since that the SO don recognize the internal SD no more and the usb mass storage mode don't work.
    I tried to reset , install the firmware update of Vampireto but nothing works, everytime that i tried to open the sd the message "sd card empty unmounted or not present" appears
    The tablet work annyway but i dont wanna lose 1,5 GB.

    Is possible to particionate the internal memory of 4Gb as all the internal storage, so that way the only sd will be the extern one?

    I downloaded the Vampirefo 7048_system_restore:

    I try to restore by the menu "apply update from /sdcard", but I received the message:

    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Vapirefo: "You need to install cw recovery first" but i can't find a working link.

    Please help.


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