It's that Time Already; Google Nexus 7 Tablet said to Infringe on Nokia Patent

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    That didn't take too long now did it? It appears Google's Nexus 7 tablet infringes on at least one of Nokia’s registered patents, according to a patent expert. As everyone knows, Asus and Google are not affiliated with Nokia in any way, but the Nexus 7 Tablet does use some patented technology that Nokia owns. Specifically speaking, the technology is related to the IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi, or WLAN) standard. Florian Mueller of Foss Patents approached Nokia for comment on this and was told, in no uncertain terms, that "neither Asus [n]or Google is licensed under our patent portfolio." Nokia is one of the biggest players in the industry when it comes to patents. They are so large that even Apple took a royalty-bearing license. As it stands now, Google and Asus are not among the more than 40 licensees.

    Will Google and Asus have to pay heavy licensing fee's to Nokia? That remains to be seen, but according to Mueller they should not have to fork over large sums of cash. Mueller says:

    It is not known at the time of this writing if Google and Asus have approached Nokia but it looks like they have some homework to do.

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