Jextab Delux 10.1

Discussion in 'Jexaa' started by Ihoneycombe, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Jextab Delux 10.1
    Hi All, about 6 weeks ago I purchased a Jextab Delux from Jexaa, it has been hard work setting it up and for about 2 weeks I have not been able to play Youtube videos, the video lists come up but when a video is selected it just says "video loading" and thats as far as it gets, I uninstalled the Adobie 10.3 Flash Player and reinstalled but this has not cured it, any ideas please, sorry I forgot to say - it is running on Android 2.2 but will be upgraded to Android 3 soon (I have been promised by Jexaa)
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