JotterPad HD - Best Lightweight Word Processor. Now with Time Machine & PDF.

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    JotterPad HD v0.3
    Android Honeycomb & above. (Recommended tablet)



    JotterPad HD is a lightweight word processor good for users on the go. It is specifically designed for Android Honeycomb (Also compatible with Ice-cream Sandwich tablet).
    Some of the JotterPad HD features include:

    1. Undo & Redo
    2. Day/Night mode
    3. Backup & Restore
    4. Search for document
    5. Find exact phrase in document
    6. Compatible with Physical & Bluetooth Keyboard
    7. Shortcut keys for keyboard (E.g. CTRL-Z to undo)
    8. Theme based ribbon
    9. Share document
    10. Import & Export .txt
    11. Export as PDF
    12. Simple and neatly organised layout
    13. Supports English and Chinese
    14. Android 3.0 and above (Recommended Tablet size)
    15. Time Machine

    Market Link:
    JotterPad HD Free

    JotterPad HD

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