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    Motorola Xoom
    Requirements:Android 3.0+ tablet
    Overview: JotterPad HD is a lightweight word processor good for users on the go.




    More Info:

    JotterPad HD is a lightweight word processor good for users on the go.
    It is specifically designed for Android Honeycomb (Also compatible with Ice-cream Sandwich tablet).
    We have one thing in mind while designing this application; that is to provide the best typing experience for the users.
    Our main concept behind this app is to make the best lightweight word processor in the Android Market by putting top listed features such as Undo/Redo, Day/Night Mode and Search.
    It is simple, clean and neatly organised. It is good for drafting notes or typing essays. JotterPad HD is also customisable by changing the ribbon theme.
    JotterPad HD is compatible with physical and Bluetooth keyboard. It supports keyboard shortcut keys (E.g. CTRL-Z to undo). In addition, it supports multi touch gestures.

    Some of the JotterPad HD features include:
    1. Undo & Redo
    2. Day/Night mode
    3. Backup & Restore
    4. Search for document
    5. Find exact phrase in document
    6. Compatible with Physical & Bluetooth Keyboard
    7. Shortcut keys for keyboard (E.g. CTRL-Z to undo)
    8. Theme based ribbon
    9. Share document
    10. Import & Export as .txt
    11. Simple and neatly organised layout
    12. Supports English and Chinese
    13. Android 3.0 and above (Recommended Tablet size)
    14. Multi-touch gestures supported

    For more information please see the website below.

    Thank you !

    JotterPad HD application is in Android Market.

    We also offer 'JotterPad HD free' which is a lite version of JotterPad HD. The link to Android Market is:

    For more information, please take a look at our official website:

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