Judge Posner Throws Out the Apple & Motorola Lawsuits 'with prejudice.'

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    Perhaps we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the Apple vs the world patent wars, and it may just be the light of reason beckoning in the dark. Apparently, Judge Richard Posner just dismissed the Apple vs. Motorola and the Motorola vs. Apple lawsuits, and he did so "with prejudice" (this means the two companies can't re-file the same lawsuits). Judge Posner confirmed in the strongest legal language what the general public has already known for sometime, and that is that neither Apple nor Motorola could actually prove that any type of damages were incurred and warranted in their cases. Here's a quote from the The Register article with some details,

    The bottom line is that the Judge decided that neither party is entitled to an Injunction and told them to leave the court and not come back. What is really extra disgusting about this case is the part about how Apple was trying to get the Judge to admit into evidence what an amazing product Apple makes. What did they think this was? Some sort of publicity stunt?

    Below you can get a look at the full 38 page legal document at the AllThingsDigital link.

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    Source: TheRegister.co.uk and AllThingsDigital

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