Kinpad i600 - Repair Internal Flash Corruption

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    Kinpad I600
    This is the procedure I used to bring my Kinpad i600 back after a internal flash memory corruption.

    1) Go to : Settings -- Privacy -- then click "factory data reset"
    This will reset and default application settings for your device and clear application data.

    2) Go to : Settings -- Storage -- then remove your external micro SD card (TF Flash card). Then click on "Unmount Storage". This will unmount the internal flash, the format option should be available after you unmount. Click the format option to format the internal flash. This procedure does not erase the system partition only the available flash storage. If your device was rooted it will still be rooted after the format. At this point all data is wiped and the device will be back to default (plus root access if device was rooted.) At this point I have repaired my internal flash and system will boot normally.

    3) Only if you want a factory fresh system! Reload the latest update.swan from your external micro SD card (TF Flash Card.)

    *** Suggestion***

    Use Titanium Backup to backup all applications and data to external micro SD Card.
    Use ES File Explorer to backup all installed APK files to external SD Card.
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