Little help for archos 7 home tablet

Discussion in 'Archos Home Tablets' started by dilyanov, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Hello, can you give me link to download youtube player, vbox7 handler, skyfire skype andwhich in addition to chat and be able to talk about this tablet?
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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    First questions must be answered, Do you have Version 1 or Version 2 of this tablet? Version 1 will do hardly any (Read None) of the things you want. Version 2 will do some of the things you want, but not without more learning on your part.
    Version 1= Android 1.5 and low power processor
    Version 2= Android 2.1 with Rockchip 2818 processor

    The tablet is cheap as it is a decent Video and E-Reader and simple browser. You cannot make it Froyo 2.2 or higher and it is limited beyond the basics. If you think you can make it into a functional Honeycomb device or even Froyo, think again. I am sorry if those are harsh words. It is the limitation of the tablet.
    You will be happy if you only want to do basic browsing, Music Streaming, Local Video and E-Reader.

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