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Discussion in 'Honeycomb' started by obtampa1, Jun 17, 2012.

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    any ideas... i updated some apps ( i think superuser & busybox apps were among the ones updated. (actually part of busybox update failed) and now I have lost root and internet. I had rooted my tab (3.0.1) a long time ago and changed the wpa_supplicant file so I had ad hoc wi-fi. I thought if i could restore the default wpa_supplicant file, the wi-fi might work again or at least I could update to ICS but I guess I need root to replace this system file. I can't use titanium b/u cuz it says no root. can't use "my backup" cuz it says no internet connection to connect with its servers. Also, tried gingerbreak again but got msg saying: "ERROR could not extract assets. Can't update busybox or superuser cuz no internet & I can't see any option to revert superuser or busybox to earlier version. Does anybody have any suggestions. Thnx.
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    At this point, I would recommend a reformat. Maybe you can also try to reverse tether your device from your PC. This might help in updating Busybox and superuser.

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