MAXELL MAXTAB H10 - Jelly Bean ( help )

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    Maxell MaxTab H10- Jelly Bean 4.1.1
    Hello this is my first post so please be easy on me :)' I'm not tech savy !

    As the title states , I have bought a MAXELL MAXTAB H10 with jelly bean 4.1.1 installed .

    This tablet was not shipped with Google Play ." Disappointing "

    After searching the net I managed to install Android Market 3.3.12
    This is the Android Market and Not Google Play . I would like to have Google play installed !

    My Question is
    Since I have managed to install The Android Market.
    would the Android Market already installed "3.3.12" only require that i install the to make the upgrade?
    Or ?

    Thanks for the help .

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