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Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3' started by bdarren, Mar 7, 2014.

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    coby kyros mid9742
    Hi All

    I have a Coby kyros mid9742 8gb tablet that I have had for about a year. tonight I have been surfing on it and then it suddenly rebooted and now wont boot properly. All the messages tell me that everything has stopped - mostly launcher. Can anyone tell me how I can get it working again?

    I have connected to my PC and run virus and malaware scans with nothing showing up. I enjoy using it but I'm no techy -Help!!

    Cheers Daz
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    You're lucky that's all that happened. I've had my entire tablet spontaneously factory reset before. In any event, you can do a factory reset through the system recovery, which should restore the tablet to operating condition. Failing that, we have system dumps that can be used to restore the tablet.

    Take your time and read the sticky posts throughout the Generation 3 forums. I've moved your post there as you're likely to get more responses than on the generic Coby Tablets forum.

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