Mobile Continues Crushing Flailing PC Industry; Worst Sales Drop in History Recorded

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    Industry analysts have been continuously sounding the "death knell" of the PC industry for quite some time now. Although it is probably exaggerated, today's newest market numbers (from two different studies) paint a stark picture revealing why people are making these predictions. The first quarter of this year saw the worst PC sales decline in history, as PC sales dipped down a whopping -14% (as you can see in the chart above). Here's a quote with more of the details,

    With these bleak numbers it's almost surprising to see that Lenovo is still doing pretty well, although it's obvious it is at the expense of everyone else.

    [Editorial aside: Despite these depressing sales figures, I suspect we will eventually see a leveling out of this trend. Eventually sales of tablets and smartphones will reach a saturation point, which is where PC sales are right now. Most of the people who will own one of these devices will already have one, and will only upgrade occasionally. We will basically see the smartphone industry and the tablet industry level off to a regular sales pattern, just like we are currently seeing in the PC industry. Right now, smartphones and tablets are the cool new trendy gadget; however, once everyone owns one, they will have no need to constantly buy new ones. The PC industry will not die off, but will instead become like the appliance industry and have regular "needs based" sales volume. Ultimately, when the next "new" disruptive tech comes along, the same thing will likely happen to smartphones and tablets. Of course, that's just my theory. Please share yours.]
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    I agree with your input. It is interesting to see the loss but there are still millions of PC being shipped so it isn't like next year there will suddenly be no new PCs sold. Part of the problem is HP and Dell. Just look at the PCs they make, nobody is really very excited about them. Most of the time you get a 90's like pc or a poorly imitated Apple product. Lenovo now has the Thinkpad and things like the Yoga. Make a PC people want and you will do at least ok. At some point equilibrium will be reached with mobile.

    The PC industry needs to rethink their strategy aside from making devices people actually want to buy. The subsidy model really helps people afford mobile devices. Not many people pay full price for a phone upfront but get them on contract and many tablets are simply less expensive than PCs. If the PC industry allies with service providers and offers subsidized PCs for a 2 year subscription maybe that will give a small boost to PC sales. Maybe Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or other subscription type providers would be interested in locking people in with a small incentive in the form of a subsidized PC.

    Ultimately it is going to take good hardware and design and some sort of incentive to get PCs growing again rather than just becoming flat once the dive has settled.

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