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    HaiPad M701

    Apologies if this is an obvious one - however I couldn't find a way to install Apps to NAND (instead of the internal storage)

    Details :

    I was happily installing Apps in my new HaiPad M701, when suddenly I got "Low on space" warning.
    I was surprised because I haven't installed that much apps, surely the 2 GB haven't been filled up yet ?

    So I fired Android System Info, and looked at its Dashboard. It says :

    RAM: Max: 128MB, Free: 26MB
    Internal memory : Max: 291MB, Free: 28.8 MB
    SDcard : Max: 2786MB, Free: 2169MB

    Note: I haven't put my SD card in yet - it's actually the NAND.
    Also 600 MB used in the SDcard / NAND is my MP3 & Movie files - I browsed the direktories under /nand/ using ESexplorer and couldn't find any Apps installed there.

    Looks like all the Apps I installed went to the "internal memory", instead of the SDcard/NAND.

    I tried looking for an App called Apps2SD - but, it didn't show up on the AppMarket nor the AppBrain. Strange.

    Also, on another Android tablet of mine, when I opened Settings - Application - Manage Application and chose an app there, there will be an button titled "Move to SD card" (or something like that).
    That button doesn't show up in this M701. Probably because I haven't bought & plugged the SDcard yet.

    Anyway -- any ideas on how to move the installed Apps, from the Internal Memory, to the NAND ?

    Thanks in advance.

    cheers, HS

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