My status bar with the clock, battery, network signal etc. stopped working (Pipo S1).

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    Pipo S1 Tablet (root)
    Hello everybody!!!

    Here's the problem. I tried to change the battery icon using the ROM Toolbox Pro. It started the install, then a window popped up saying "error". I closed it and it kept popping up... again and again. I had no choice but to reboot my tablet. When I did, my status bar with the clock, battery, network signal, etc. disappeared. Also the bottom buttons (back, home, multi,) vanished.

    I get the backup .apk from the ROM Toolbox Pro folder (Framework.apk and SystemUI.apk), reboot and try to install them. SystemUI.apk went fine... Framework.apk won't install at all.

    How do I get it back?! Can anybody help me to get the status bar back?! Please!!!

    My devise is a Pipo S1 Tablet with Android v4.1.1. (root)

    Thank you all very much for your time.
    Regards from Greece...

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