New E pad owner a bit lost

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    I just received my Epad yesterday. I bought it form a seller on under $200.It is a 10 inch zt 180 version running Android 2.1.
    I am hoping for this to be useful as a email reader and a movie player / book reader for long flights .
    My first problem is the keyboard is not calibrated? so I can only get some letters to show up using the very bottom of the key and as a result the bottom row of characters is not usable...So I am using my desktop to send this
    Second I thought I could up the memory with an SD card but where would it go ? Do I have to disassemble the Tablet?
    third is the battery life is less that 3 hours ?is this normal I am sure if I keep reading some of these issues will be clear ed up So I have high hopes for this forum.. Cheers
    A slightly perplexed new tablet owner


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