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Discussion in 'Velocity Micro Tablets' started by hottienanako, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Velocity Micro Cruz T301
    I have a few questions about my new tablet. If I download live wallpapers, where do I find them? Is there a folder I am supposed to put them in? What folder does my music and movies go in? I see help topics telling me to put them on my SD card or the tablet, but they don't tell me how or where. I need more detailed instructions. Any help would be appreciated!!

    Never mind about the live wallpapers. I figured that one out. About other types of wallpaper though, if I want it to fit on one screen, what size should I make my pictures?
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    Aug 24, 2010
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    Did you get answers to your other questions?

    If not, here's how I did it.
    I hooked up my cruz to my netbook and mounted it. The SD card became an "E" drive. Then I put all my movies and music in folder I created (I did one more 'movies' and one for 'music' and one for 'tv shows'... you get the idea). Then I must copied them over to that folder on the SD card.

    Not sure on the size of the pictures. Take some or use some you have and put them on your cruz and see what happens (then report back so we know).

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