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    I browse the market and found that Laputa has released new version. I update it from V3.0.3, and found its better. Laputa is my favorite app so I want to share with everyone.

    Most make me feel excited is added new content provider- Avaywen: At the end of last month, all my favorite books on Blazer are disappear, so I’m upset at that time. But now we have a new content provider and we can download more free books. What make me so surprise is that Avaywen is more powerful than Blazer. I don’t want to say much more, if you use it, you will know it!

    I hate Blazer, really!
    It seemed that Blazer only upload books on recommendation. These are all classic books but very famous. I don’t like classics but if you like, recommendation is a good new function.

    Now Laputa provides RSS content. It seemed that sent Laputa team an email then they will provide some interesting news. I intend to try it on, whether the news interesting, I will tell you!

    My Android is always crowded, so I don’t want to download some apps on my phone. Laputa is my favorite app, but I always complain why it must stay in my device not SD card. Now everything is ok, I can move Laputa to my SD card directly!

    Brightness Adjustment: My eyes are not very well, so I like reading in dim lights. But the old Laputa is too light and sometimes make my eyes hurt! Now they added brightness adjustment, make the reading more comfortable.

    Display Awake Control: A lot of people like reading before they get sleep, I also have this habit. But only one thing make us headache is we always drifted into sleep and with the screen lights for a long night. Laputa help me to solve this problem.

    I found these new features, I think is terrific. If you want to ease of ebooks with the feel of an old-style paperback and get thousands of free epub books, you can try it on!
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    Hi Can you post link where can I get copy of the latest files. I love reading... Thanks in advance.

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