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    Hello everyone i've got the asus nexus 7 with android 4.2 and i (i think) have got a bit of a problem...while i was scrolling a page on my google chrome suddenly chrome starts to zoom in when i scrolled down and zoom out when i scrolled up! i tryed to do that again plenty of times but nothing that a software issue or a hardware issue? is the app that it faults? i made a research for this kind of situation's and i found that lot's of android devices got this ability as an extra future! so if this is an extra future you can do it many times just doing the same move on the on nexus 7 this kind of zooming (with one finger) it happened 2 times..i tryed to do the same move but nothing happens it just moved the page up and down..what's wrong with that?

    p;s i tryed to do the same move in different places on the screen with different ways and i understood that it's not an extra future for tablet but it's an issue

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