Nook Color into an Android Tablet CyanogenMOD 7.0.3 without rooting

Discussion in 'Nook Color Technical' started by etrauger, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Nook Color
    1. How do i add Android CyanogenMOD 7.0.3 to my NOOK Color without breaking the warranty, and where would i find this software?
    2. Do I need to add all software onto a MicroSD card, and then insert it into the NOOK Color?
    3. Where do i find things such as the Amazon Appstore, Android Marketplace, and Amazon Kindle for Android, and how do i download them to the MicroSD card?
    4. How do i dual boot the MicroSD card so i can access buth the android market and regular NOOK Color capabilities?
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    Nook Color Gen. 1

    1. You can run CM7 via the sd card and leave your stock B&N untouched. Follow the link in #2
    2. Yes, you can follow this:
    . Android Market comes with CM7. Depending on your location, you can download the apps. (Some apps aren't available to non-US locations) If you run CM7 off the sd card, the apps you download via the Android Market will be installed on the sd card as well.
    4. Refer to #2. Running a custom rom (CM7 in your case) would give you access to the market while leaving your stock software intact. The Nook color boots via sd by default so if you want to boot back into the stock software, just take the CM7 microSD card out before turning the Nook Color on.

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