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    Hi, After 5 weeks in shipping I finally received my ZT-180 from eimaya. I would like to verify what's inside is what I ordered. How do I do that? I am completely new to Android systems and electronics frustrate the heck out of me so please be concise and thorough :)
    Thx Teresa
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    Generally speaking, there would be a small sticker label on the edge / rim of the tablet stating the model number.
    If that is not there, you can turn the device on, go to Settings -> About Device -> and check the model information.
    If it doesn't match what you expect, you can Google what you find and that should turn up some information for you.
    One other option, but quite a bit more technical, would be to, "root" the device and then install a program called, "Quick System Info Pro" that is free on the Android Market.
    That gives you a complete breakdown of the specs of the device such as internal RAM amount, CPU name, etc.

    Good luck and post back if you need assistance, we're here to help if we can.

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