notification: sd card damaged / more frequent crashes

Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by hardsell, Dec 1, 2011.

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    archos 5 it 500gb (given away), vizio 8 inch, Kindle DXG (sold), Archos 7 + Archos 70 (returned)

    Have had the vtab for several months and two days ago I started to get:

    ! System Status
    SD card damaged. You may have to reformat it.
    unlock to see more

    unlocking doesn't show more

    searching brought up

    where a new owner got the same message, and was told they needed a gmail account basically

    I set up with gmail acount on day one, and have _never_ used the SD card slot

    all the many other threads using -> vizio + tablet + sd + card + damaged/problems were about the storage issue

    keep ignoring it or?


    for the last 3 weeks the vtab crashes more more than it used to

    when I first got the vtab I downloaded 5 or so ereading apps
    and read a book in each one as a test of the features
    the moon+ app crashed to the home screen about once an hour and
    would also crash to the loading screen where it would hang at the big V
    for about 30 seconds then go to homepage about once a day

    (doctor it hurts when I go like this. Doctor says dont go like that)

    so I didnt use the moon+ after that but now I get the crash
    to the loading screen every 2-3 hours no matter what app I am using....
    any suggestions?

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