NOVO7 Aurora ANDROID 4.0 experience

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    NOVO 7
    Bought and received NOVO7 Aurora from the Internet,i feel really good workmanship and texture.very comfortable in the hand. Industrial design level is high, gap is very pretty good in China tablet PC.
    Desktop experience feels very smooth, the picture to move quickly. But NOVO7 Aurora’s gravity sensor is slow. Vertical screen have a response after 2-3 seconds. it will be improved.
    The game, most 3D games can be normal operation, the touch screen is not very fluent.And gravity induced slow problem also affects part of game operation, another NOVO7 ANDOIRD4 system field cannot be hidden, so the game and video will be influenced, 2D game no problem.
    NOVO7 Aurora edition used a Hitachi high resolution IPS screen,High Visual angle and color display saturation,the color looks bright compared to IPAD. The actual visual effects and iPad screen is inadequate in the color control, but the price I feel have a super value.
    Battery performance is also good, NOVO7′s battery time will no more than 5 hours if used for movies and games,if you often go out you’d better equip a mobile battery.
    I think NOVO7′s workmanship and materials can put on a par with Samsung tablet PC completely.
    Write here,hope to provide some reference with who want to buy this tablet.
    At present NOVO7 Aurora version serious in short supply, we ensure 3-5 day SHIPPED
    Welcome to consult our customer service


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