One year on in Android Tablets and AndroidTablets (where I am at now)

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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    I have been online and associated with AndroidTablets for over a year now. Thanks to them for putting up with me. When I joined, I had an array of Windows, non-Android and two Android Tablets. I was very familiar with Windows, Linux, Unix, networks…. (It’s sorta my job) but just starting out in Android.
    My first Android tablets were Archos 7 Gen 1 and a Shangzai VIA8505 clone . They were almost enough to make me think an Android tablet would not have a future. Then I was tasked to evaluate Android Tablets for a work related project. This made me a believer. Even a year ago, there were some impressive tablets for their time.
    I had had Android Phones and wondered whether Android tablets could be a work tool. Well here we are one year later. The following is my opinion of the Good, Bad, Wonderful and Ugly of Android Tablets. Read on if you want the blatherings of an Android believer (bruised, but still a believer)
    The changes have almost all been for the better. Honeycomb and the latest generation Tablets are bringing the strengths needed to make Android a player
    The capability of Android never ceases to amaze me, It has continued to improve with each update
    The big manufacturers are entering the market and it shows
    The Manufacturers and vendors range from pitiful to fantastic. I am not naming names. Do some basic research before you buy. You will realize there are vendors who should not be allowed to advertise as the product is not the same as the advertised product.
    You get what you pay for. If there is one thing I want to scream: YOU CANNOT UPDATE A 640K XT PC WITH WINDOWS 7. Sorry, am dating myself. The same holds true for the basic tablet. Many tablets which are just six months old are comparable to buying five year old PCs.
    The Manufacturers and vendors provide okay to horrid update support. Some only create one firmware and then start a new model which is different from the prior model. This creates many Orphan Tablets from the lesser manufacturers
    There are not enough apps and developers for New OS and apps which can take advantage of newer Android Versions. Most are still designed to run on Froyo. And worse, many apps are designed for Phones. The reason is simple. There are far more Android Phones than tablets.
    The community builds which have taken an average tablet and make it better.
    Repeat after me: “An IPad/IPad2 is NOT an Android Tablet”. Many try to compare them as a fruit to fruit comparison. It is fair to attempt, but Android is not a closed system like an IPad. This means
    Security issues not found on IPads
    Android have capabilities that IPads cannot do
    Business/Corporate buy-in is towards IPads
    The Market model is fractured and must be fixed for Tablets to be successful. I am not saying there should just be one source. But I should not have to load Amazon, AppsLib and Google Market to find what I am looking for
    The Android Tablet of August 2011 will be a poor cousin to the Android Tablet available in January 2012. This happened a year ago. Those of you still using a one year old tablet have my sympathy.
    Android Tablets are expensive consumables. It should be usable longer than five months. This is the biggest disappointment of all. New apps which will not work on a three month old tablet because it does not have enough Operating Memory installed is a bummer.
    In my opinion, a tablet should have a usable lifespan of at least a year if you are spending more than $300. Otherwise, why not just buy a Netbook.

    Ah well. Let’s see what the year brings. If you are wondering what I am using. I am still using my Six month old Archos 101/16.
    I am waiting for the Archos 4Core 101-G9/250Gb. I expect it will meet my needs for a year plus.

    Cheers and Enjoy

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    Awesome breakdown--lots of nice points raised, and I agree with each of them (which is rare for me, I'm usually more disagreeable).

    I remember this period last year, where (for the most part) there were lots of leaks and rumors about mainstream tablets coming by late 2011, and then early 2012. At the time, the forum was focused on a wide variety of lesser-known asian imports with similar specs: Eclair...resistive screens...questionable websites/vendors with little or no support. We knew something exciting was coming...but waiting for it was slow and painful.

    But looking back now, from January to July of this year the pace of change has been incredible. One day the Xoom is the gotta-have-it device, and then a few weeks later it's the impossible-to-find Transformer. Then the gorgeous Galaxy and Thrive appear, and the Xoom and Transformer are so yesterday. Now we get a peek of the Slider and so many other interesting options later this year. Conclusion? You're absolutely right. This 6-month ownership window is crazy!

    I also think we'll look back in the summer of 2012, and be equally amazed at the progress. My personal hope is to see something thin, light, and gorgeous, but with a built-in physical keyboard like the Slider. But maybe that's a little farther off...


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