Overclock+Update Help !- Point Of View Mobii 7.0", 4GB

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    Point Of View Mobii 7.0", 4GB
    Hey there!
    I bought a ''Point Of View Mobii 7.0", 4GB'' about a week ago , works great but got some lagg spikes that really annoy me , my CPU Master tells me that im running on 720Mhz and i'm wondering if i could overclock that a bit , lets say to 800Mhz or more.
    The tablets is Rooted :)

    Update Help.
    Im running on a ''Kernel Linux version 2.6.29'' Version KS-20101117 Single touch ''Modelnumber: Android for telechips TCC8902 MID'' And i would like to update my android.
    When i choose for system updates it ask me where i got the update files , Well i don't got updates files and wonder if anybody got some updates for my device and could explain what to do.

    I'm a total noob if its about tables so here are some pics in case that might help:


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